The gospel galore

The Lord Awaits Your Return

From the account of the prodigal son ,Luke 15, we could understand how the younger son asked His Father for his share of the father’s possessions. He left his Father behind to a far away country to waste all that was entrusted to him. He made the worldly wits and beauty consume and influence his actions. He was not matured enough to manage such kind of possessions. His childish wits wanted him to live a life free from certain restrictions that was preparing him for a fulfilled future. After all the enjoyment, He lost everything he had ,possessions he never earned .Whiles he looks for a job ,he was asked to take care of pigs and he even fought with them over food since he is not given any .At least he came to his senses, realising that his father had servants who worked for him and still were treated fairly. Then he set off back home. From afar his father saw him and with compassion he came running to his son with love. He then prepared a feast for the return of his prodigal son.The Father showed him love and forgiveness even though the son was condemning and having self pity.The father restored him to be what he has said about him.

The Father we have is merciful and kind .He is always looking out for his children even when we go against Him. But we let our guilt consume us and condemn us ,that we don’t deserve it all. Don’t the let the liar talk you into that rather be like the lost son ,go back to the father for He is ever ready to welcome you back home. He just want you to come to His presence just as you are with boldness and courage. The accuser may follow you there but do not be moved because our God will never damn you . Roman’s 8:1, For there’s no condemnation for those who are in Christ. You are a pearl in the eyes and hand of God .

Virtues the Father showed;
  • Love
  • patience
  • compassion
  • mercy
  • hope
  • forgiveness and restoration
  • Wisdom

Come to the Father and have rest all who labour and are heavy laden. The arms of the father are wide open waiting to wrap you and kiss you saying ‘ WELCOME HOME, SON or DAUGHTER’.Remember ,come just as you are. Our Father in heaven awaits your return .

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