The gospel galore

Why do we love?

Why do we love? We love because is the foundation of our being as humans. The originator of love portrayed his love by giving up His only Son to save mankind and the world. He even instructs us to love . He deems it very necessary for a man to Love His God and love His fellow man because that is the basis of His commandments. People say love is undefinable, sentimental ,hurtful and brings out your weakness but that is not the real picture of love even though we may experience all that. love is God himself, thus His nature .God was also hurt as he gave up His only Son to save us because he had created us in his own image, giving us authority over all creation .We were just like Him. God had gone through every phase of love both the bad and good side before us that is why He entreats us to love.He has proven that the brighter side outlast the hurtful phase because at the end lies a spontaneous glory. Love is kind , patient ,unfailing etc, as described in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8. Remember it was through love faith was assured , mercy was seen , forgiveness granted unto mankind. What is the world without love? What do we mean when we say we love?. Our world needs genuine love to survive all the chaos and hardship we go through. There are more who needs the love we have experienced. Let’s learn to love and remember Christ is our perfect example in all things. If you let Christ in ,you will know why we love .

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